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Rotary Perforating Machine - HRPM 350
Efficient Rotary Perforating Machine HRPM 350 with friction feeding, working width 350 mm and speed 8.160 A4sheets / hour. Paper processing is realized by vertical perforating wheels placed on two shafts. These tools enable to create 1 to 5 parallel perforating lines.Useful economical machine designed or processing of bigger volumes of documents.
Product Features
Reliable friction feed
Exchangeable perforating wheels
Telescopic feeding and waste table
Possibility to adjust 1 - 5 perforating knives
(Note: as standard machine comes with 2 perforating sets)
Processes up to A3 formats
Speed 8.160 A4 sheets/hour (136 pcs/min)
Exact paper adjusting directly towards perforating wheels
Side stops angle-adjustment towards perforating tool
Fine adjustment of paper position
Simple to operate

Product Specifications
Working Width
150 - 350 mm
55 - 200 g/m2
Number Of Perforating Knives
2 (maximum 5)

Max. Input Capacity
30 mm

8160 sheets A4/h (136 sheets/min)
1080 x 490 x 270 mm
Packing Size
550 x 490 x 220 mm
nett 18,5 kg, gross 20 kg
Voltage / Frequency
220 V/ 50Hz

Product Category