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Foil Fuser & Foil Cutter FT-10
Instant foiling without Stamp or die. Unique and innovative machine from Hi-tech enables you to foil your invitation, wedding, greeting or visiting cards or any such documents with absolute ease. All you need to do is to print the same on a normal office laser printer and pass through the Foil Fuser and you get the documents ready in less than a minute. Foils are available in various colors viz. Gold, Silver, Greene, Red, Blue, Clear etc.
Product Features
This hand fed model works from a toner image to produce a foiled effect and is ideal for short runs, personalization and proofs.
The machine will accept sheets up to 320mm wide and of any length. As it foils from a toner image there is no requirement for a negative or an expensive metal die. No special maker-ready supplies or skills are requirec to produce beautiful flat foil stamping with either the FT-10 Junior or any other FoilTech model.
No Dies Required
No Skilled Operator
No Make-ready
Spot Varnish Effects
Ideal for Proofs, Short Run Jobs and Personalisation
The Foil is available in a range of colours and effects , including wallpaper hol9ograms. Fuil width rolls are available at 640mm ( 25.2" ) wide or specific widths can be supplied cut to size.
We also supply clear film for Therm-O-Fusing. The image quality and durability from a full colour laser printer, compared it is considered "good enough " for many applications. However, Therm-O-Fusing with a smooth plastic film changes this dramatically. The result is an image that is perma ient, more dense, uniform and gas a glossy finish. which on solid areas is similar to spot varnishing.

Product Specifications
Machine Size
350 x 110 x 140 ( h )mm
Machine Weight
18 kgs
Machine Size Packed
400 x 120 x 160 ( h )mm
Machine Weight Packed   
20.0 kgs
Stock Size
Up to 320mm wide
Feed System
Foil Rolls

160mtrs (500') x 25.4 mm (1")Core.
220 Voits or 110 Volts

Product Category