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Gold Press 4+
Gold Cover systems allows you to make hot stamping with or without foil on hard covers, soft covers, thesis reports etc. It is an ideal tool for copy shops, education institutes, consultancy firms etc to create a beautifully foiled cover books.
Product Features
Simple to use
Table top
Heating time < 5 minutes
Uses standard brass metal fonts/dies
Book width could be up to 320 mm
Book thickness up to 3 cms

Product Specifications

230V / 50Hz (110V upon request)
Maximum. power load
1800 W
Average power load

400 W
Heater surface
218 x 308 mm
Maximum matrix filling

Machine net weight
100 kg
C frame eccentric press with automatic in-feed of material
Space between the matrix and the table
approx. 30mm
Operating temperature
50 - 130°C, regulation every 1°C
Maximum temperature of heater in room temperature
approx. °C
Work modes
°C and F
Number of languages
2 at the moment (Polish and English)

Product Category