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Master Press
Unique device to create Hot Stamping on your documents with absolute ease. You can do Hot Stamping, blind embossing or embossing and foiling in one go. With its unique design it can take large size documents and cover an area of A4 size for stamping/embossing. Its high pressure system with facility to adjust the amount of pressure generates high quality foiled/embossed documents. With auto rewind of foil rolls and counters the machine gives high productivity with low labour cost.
Product Features
New! Unmatched hot stamping press!
No pre-setting!
Always ready to hot stamp a single sheet or a book cover
Unique typesetting
Hot stamping area: 218 x 308 mm
Counters for no. of jobs done
10 programmes for repetitive jobs
LCD for ease of use

Product Specifications

230V / 50Hz (110V upon request)
Maximum. power load
1800 W
Average power load
400 W
Heater surface
218 x 308 mm
Maximum matrix filling
Machine net weight
100 kg

C frame eccentric press with automatic in-feed of material
Space between the matrix and the table
approx. 30mm
Operating temperature
50 - 130°C, regulation every 1°C
Maximum temperature of heater in room temperature
approx.  °C

Work modes
°C and F
Number of languages

2 at the moment (Polish and English)

Product Category