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Folding Machine 14" X 21"
Very efficient machine for paper folding up to A3 size. Easily manipulated unit allows users to make as much as 6 types of folds. CFM 650 disposes of many additional functions like optional longitudinal perforation (also without folding), programmable counter of folded papers, increased collecting table, etc. Ideal equipment for office work, copy shops and print studios.
Product Features
Heavy-duty metal construction.
Automatic friction feed system.
Self adjusting to paper thickness.
Simple adjustment for paper size.
Fine adjustment of stops.
Multilingual control.
Control panel.
Manual feeding option - folds up to 3 stapled sheets at a time.
Increased collecting table.
Optional longitudinal perforation (also without folding)
Speed control.
Wrong position of stops indicator.
Programmable counter of folded papers.

Product Specifications
Speed (A4 /Hour/Single Fold)

Max Sheet Size
350 X 540 mm
Min Sheet Size
50 X 70 mm
Folding Plates
Types of Folds
Fold Adjustment
Micro manual
Size mm (W X L X H)
1055 X 565 X 400
Paper Weight
Weight Kg

Counter Scoring, Perforation & Slitter wheels

Product Category