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Hitech offers a wide range of Print Finishing Equipments and Print Enhancement. Range of solutions are ideal for Digital Printers, Offset Printers and photo album makers. Innovative and unique products give an added advantage to our customers for better and faster ROI.

  • View Details DTS

    Direct to Substrate (DTS)

    Azon DTS is Direct to Substrate inkjet printer that can print directly on: glass, metal, stone, wood, plastics and all other materials & objects with superb adhesion of ink. Know more

  • View Details DTS UV LED


    Azon (Europe) UV LED printing system prints directly on a wide range of surfaces like PET, ABS, polycarbonate, TPU, wood, stone, glass, canvas, ceramic, leather and other soft materials. Know more

  • View Details Direct to Garment

    Direct to Garment (DTG)

    DTG you can print beautiful full-color prints on light and dark colored textiles like: t-shirts, towels, jeans, aprons, bags etc with superb adhesion of ink & they are Water proof and wear resistant. Know more

  • View Details Card Cutter

    Card Cutter

    Range of Business card cutters by Hitech is an Ideal way to create instant visiting cards. Easy to use, programmable card cutters & offers high ROI. Know more

  • View Details Paper Cutter

    Paper Cutter

    Hitech offers a wide range of paper cutter to chose from, based on volume, budget & need. Ideal for digital and photo album makers. These machines are compact, single phase and easy to use. Know more

  • View Details Creasers / Perforators

    Creasers / Perforators

    Hitech offers range of creaser perforation from Manual to fully automatic & heavy duty machines that could do up to 40,000 sheets per day. Easy to use, high speed and zero wastage are key Know more

  • View Details Thermal Laminators

    Thermal Laminators

    Hitech offers a wide range of Thermal Roll Laminators from single side to double side and table top to heavy duty. Speed from 5 meters to 50 meters/hour. Width from 13" to 30". Know more

  • View Details Foiling


    Foiling gives value addition to your print. Hitech offers a wide range from Foil Fuser to embossing to computer to foil to UV /Varnish /Foil. These solutions foil on paper, leather, pvc, acrylic, wood etc Know more

  • View Details Photo Album Binding

    Photo Album Binding

    Hitech offers a solutions for back to back pasting for photo paper or offset paper. Option for Cold glue & hot glue, hand fed to automatic. Size up to 18” x 20” closed album is available. Know more

  • View Details Perfect Binding

    Perfect Binding

    Hitech offers Pneumatic perfect binding and regular perfect binding machines options. These are compact, easy to use and rugged quality. You could bind a book from 3 sheets to 5 cm thick book. Know more

  • View Details WIRO Binding

    WIRO Binding

    With options for A4/14”/24” wide punching and binding machines Hitech offers a wide range of options . From Manual to semi automatic to automatic. For office use, copy shop use to industrial use of making millions of calendars. Know more

  • View Details PATTI Calendar

    PATTI Calendar

    Automatic patti calendar mounting machine from Nihsiyama,Japan.This solution offers an easy option to produce upto 2000 calendars/hour. Machine can run long & can produce millions of calendars per season. Know more

  • View Details Round Corner Cutter

    Round Corner Cutter

    Round corner cutter with 6 different shapes of dies is an ideal tool for every copy shop & printer. It offers 3 round shaped dies besides 1 each of calendar cut, punch and straight cut Know more

  • View Details DTS

    UV Coater

    Hitech offers compact, fully automatic, high speed, excellent quality with 1 or 2 stations. They are available in 13"/17"/20"/24"/36" You could do paper, mdf board etc on certain machine. Know more

  • View Details Folding


    Hitech offers a range of Table Top folding machine from size A4 to A3. These are made in Europe and are of high quality and performance. Know more

  • View Details Paper Drill

    Paper Drill

    Heavy duty and table top electric motor driven paper drill that can drill up to 60 mm thick pile of paper or pvc material. Easy to operate and maintain. Drill bit diameters could be from 3 mm to 9 mm. Know more

  • View Details Die Cutter

    Die Cutter

    Hitech offers a range of XY die cutters from 15 x 20” to 20 x 28” with vacuum table. These can crease, cut as well as half cut with an option for perforation. These machines are ideal for sample making and short run jobs. Know more

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