Patti Calendar Making Machine >> MP 510 SC

MP 510 SC
Desktop Heavy Duty machine for making Patti Calendar (Tin Mounted Clendar). Additional feature of Head Board attachment allows you to make variety of calendars/posters and other marketing material.
Pneumatic operations ensures right pressure and good quality finish. Card board - heads and metal strips mounting can be done in one go on calendars
Desk top machine with easy to use features ensure high productivity of up to 250 calendars per head board and 600 without head board.
Product Features
Small size pneumafc bench machine,easy to operate.
It has a cardboard head container / posizioner filed on of the back
Compressor required minimun HP2.

Product Specifications
Max. Useful width
350 mm
Foot pedal

76 x 50 x 95 cm. (W x H X D)
130 kgs
Power Air consumption
3.8 Nmc/H

Product Category

710E NEW