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Digi Binder
New generation of binder for digital P.O.D. photo book and conventional photo album. Digi binder is designed to easily and quick produce book and album. It’s the world best photo book and album binding time & cost saving solution, compatible with all types of digital press, photographic printer and pod (print on demand) system. Digi binder’s back to back gluing binding system solves the complication of binding heavy weight paper in digital press photo book production. The digi binder can also make album with stiff pages by inserting hardboard between the signatures.
Product Features
Product Features
Operation Panel: -
Touch Screen
Automatic Control Panel
Automatic Feeder: -
High stack pile automatic
Stable Suction Feeder
Gluing & Pressing Part:-
Micro gluing control and air removal patent pressing.
Cartridge Gluing Part: -
Patent design of glue roller device enabling to put in and out for easy cleaning.
Gluing Tank and Pump System: -
High Capacity of glue storage tank and automaticglue supply and cleaning removal drain pumping system.

Technical Description
Binding size (LXW)

(Max): 350x3D5mm (Min): 120x165mm
Signature Thickness
150 gsm -1200 gsm
Binding Thickness
Designed Binding Speed
Max.100 signature / Min
Operation Binding Speed Max.
60 signature / Min

Type of Glue
Water-based Glue.
Glue Roller
4 Roller System
Glue Control Device

Automatic Supply and Drain System.
Touch Screen
Signature Feeder
Automatic Suction Feeder

3BU~415, 20B-240 Vac: 50 Or 60 Hz 25x0w
Dimension (LxWxH)
1200 X 900 X 155mm

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