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Multi Creaser - 4 in 1 machine
Multi CREASE 30 creasing machine is a bindery equipment designed to work in office conditions, which enables creasing, cutting and punching different types of materials like paper, plastic or materials covered with plastic.
Product Features
Binds, debinds up to 300 sheets
Formats – A5 to A3 landscape
Robust Design
Max creasing width: 300mm.
Max thickness of the creased material: 0.3mm.
Creasing bar thickness: 0.7mm.
Weight: 17.5 kg.
Size (W x H x D): 550 x 380 x 270mm.

Product Specifications
Max Creasing Width
Max Thickness of The Creased Material

Creasing Bar Thickness
17.5 kg
Size (W x H x D)
550 x 380 x 270mm

Product Category