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Onglematic 7
High productivity with low wastage is the secret of success for this machine. It gives you nearly 3 times the productivity vis-à-vis manual/conventional process and almost zero wastage vis-à-vis 1-3% wastage. All you need to do is set the program for no. of cuts which can be variable in size. You can also do index/tab cut to bound or unbound books thereby ensuring continuous deliveries of finished product to your customer.
Product Features
Table top.
Fully programmable.
Can do variable size of index/tab cut in one single book.
Can do bound or unbound books.
Can cut up to 320 mm wide books.
Digital adjustment.
Storage of up to 64 programs (for the Onglematic O7P+ and O7P+ GP).
Automatic cutting by foot switch activation.
Automatic advance or manual advance after each cut.
Built in safety device to protect hands.
Productivity :
      A bound document of 10 chapters (about 150        pages) is cut in less than one minute with the        Onglematics 7A4 or 7P+
      500 sets of 9 tabs are cut in less than 2 hours        with the Onglematics 7A4 and 7P+ and in less        than 1 hour with the Onglematics 7A4 GP and        7P+ GP

Product Specifications
Tab Number
2 to 31
Format (Sheet Size)

210mm / 297mm / 320 mm
No of Sheets of 80g
70 X 52 X 42

Product Category