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BB 50
The BB50 and BB50 / H (hanger capabilities) are solid, efficient machines designed to produce perfectly bound books and calendars time and again. Combining a high rate of production with the versatility to accommodate sheet sizes from 5cm up to 50cm, these compact machines are capable of binding up to 1200 documents per hour(depending on operator’s skill, production organization and book format).Each machine automatically binds hand fed pre punched documents and is operated by an electric footswitch. Size, pitch and format changes can be achieved quickly due to easily accessible controls and tool areas.
Product Features
Flexible Instant pitch change between 3:1 and 2:1. Skip binding facilities.
Ergonomic All tool changes and adjustments are made from the front. Features a large working surface
Touch screen control : Easy-to-use, logical control panel
Space-saving The machine is accompanied by a free-standing spool stand for easy maneuverability
Calendar binding The BB50 / H features an integral hanger feed for standard and Euro slot hangers 'Skip' binding is also possible with the BB50 / H

Product Specifications

3:1" pitch – 3/16" to 9/16" (sizes 3 to 9)
2:1" pitch – 5/8" to 1" (sizes 10 to 16)
Binding Length

3:1" pitch – maximum 60 loops – minimum 4 loops
2:1" pitch – maximum 41 loops – minimum 4 loops
Book thickness

All models 3mm (3/16") up to 22mm (7/8")

Practical speed is 600/1200 per hour dependent on product, format and the operator’s skill
Hanger Lengths
76mm up to 400mm
Hanger Styles
N° 3 and 4 Standard
Machine Size

1500mm wide x 1100mm deep x 1400mm high
Net Weight
Spool unwind unit

500mm wide x 700mm deep x 1205mm high (60kg net)
Air Input

Ring main or dedicated compressor (not supplied)
Compressed Air
5.52 bar (80psi) pressure
Air Consumption
15 cu/ft min (410 l/min)
500 watts
Mains supply

220/250v, 115/200v (50/60Hz)

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