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Semi Automatic Wiro Binding - WOB 3500
At 500-1000 books per hour, the semi-automatic WIRE-O- BIND 3500 is fast, yet simple to operate with all size and formats setups instantly adjustable by user-friendly "touch screen" electronic controls. The versatile WIRE-O- BIND 3500 is designed to work alongside the highly successful Alpha-Doc ® and Docu-Punch automatic punching machines, accurately finishing a wide variety of documents, including oversize covers and tabbed sheets, for all Wire-O ® sizes up to 1-1/4". Together, they are the perfect high speed Wire-O-finishing solution for today's modern in-plant, digital and « on demand » printing environments, where ease of use, versatility and productivity are a must.
Product Features
User-friendly and efficient Simple touch screen controlling all dynamic size and format adjustments, settings and change overs : no special training required.
Wire size changeovers in less than 5 minutes.
Books delivered onto a static reception tray.
Versatile Finishes all 3:1" and 2:1" pitch Wire-O® sizes from 1/4" to 1-1/4 " with maxi 3 skip binds.
Finishes all documents with flush cut and oversize covers as well as tabbed sheets.
Outstanding productivity Output rates of 500 to 1000 books per hour depending on format, paper quality and operator skill.
Hanger feeder The optional hanger feeder for the WOB 3500 is a simple plug and play unit. It inserts hangers automatically taken from reeled hanger spool or from loose hangers
Output rates of 350 to 500 calendars or books per hour.

Product Specifications
Binding formats Minimum : 65 x 80 mm ( 2-1/2" x 3-1/4 ")
Maximum : 350 x 350 mm (14" x 14")
Wire sizesMinimum : size n° 4 (1/4 ")
Maximum : size n° 20 (1-1/4 ")
Book thickness 1.5 mm to 28 mm (0.6" to 1.1")
Hanger format N° 3 - 76 mm mini - 150 mm maxi
Hanger feeder capacity100 pcs
Voltage requirements220-240 V – 1 ph - 50 Hz
110 V – 1 ph – 60 Hz
Dimensions2110 mm (83") W x 830 mm (33") D x 1180 mm (46.45") H
Nett weight290 kg

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