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PUR 5500 Glue Binding Machine
TACHO PUR Perfect Binder ideal for small to medium size runs. Particularly for digital prints! It is the state of the art technology machine to strongly bind variety of substrates through PUR hot melt glue binding. Its unique scrapping device ensure paper edges are roughened and glue applied through 3 roller system to ensure high quality binding. Professional multi-layer glue assembly including reverse rotating smothering roller. Quick speed ensure up to 200 to 250 books per hour.

Easy to use control panel ensures quick learning for operator and machine can be operated with ease.
The binding process runs fully automatic by simply pressing the "Start & Go" button. No special skilled operator is necessary. A fume exhausted is integrated and can be connected with a flexible hose to any outlet. Book block clamping and cover clamping is operated through air compressor ensures high quality binding. Cover and book thickness adjustments can be done to produce high quality books. The machine gives unique advantage of binding minimum 3 pages to maximum 5 cm thick book.
Product Features
PUR binding
Side glue application for better binding
Open ends for cover insertion
12 x18 size (closed) possible with cover of glue tank to be kept open.
Binding thickness up to 7 cm and minimum of 3 sheets
Lay flat binding of Digital prints
Multiple perfect binding machines of EVA glue already installed in India from the same company.
PUR glue from Henkel Q3317 ( available in pack of 1 kg)
Single phase with power consumption of 3 KW

Product Specifications
Book Block Size

320x220 (Max.320x300)mm
Cover Size

330x480 (Max.330x680)mm
Book Thickness
Hot Melt
Cycle Speed
Warm up time
Machine Weight
Power Consumption
AC 220V/50Hz
Machine Dimension

1390(L) x 660(W) x 1325(H)mm

Product Category