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Business Card Cutter
Visiting cards is an important business of a digital printer. It is important that you offer the cards as quickly as possible without wastage and with high accuracy. Ideal way to create instant visiting cards. All you need to do is to feed the machine with 4 attributes viz. Lead margin, length of the card, gutter space –if any- and no. of ups on the sheet. Then feed the sheet and let the machine cut up to 6 A3 sheets per minute (144 cards per minute). What more, you can store up to 49 programs and use them to have highest productivity in card cutting. With its ability to correct the registration error of digital prints, this machine is a boon for digital printers. Optional features viz. creasing and perforation makes the card cutter more versatile and allows you to cut, slit, score or perforating one pass. Most easy way for print shop to produce all kind of cards i.e. business card, ticket and greeting card or invitation cards. If you are doing more than 200 sheets of visiting cards per day. » Enquire Now
Product Features
Precisely cutting Visiting cards, Tickets, Fold Up cards, Greeting cards etc.
Get 24 or more precisely cut cards from 12.6” x 20” sheet.
Design and Store up to 49 programs for easy recall.
Can cut pre laminated sheets.
Micro sensors to adjust the variable registrations of digital prints.
Define only 4 attributes to get accurate cards – Lead margin, Length of the card, Gutter space if any and number of cards.

Product Specifications
Table Top
Paper Size (Max)
320 mm x 500 mm
Paper Size (Min)
145 mm x 145 mm
Paper Thickness
90 gsm to 350 gsm
Cutting Speed
6 A3 sheets per minute
Cutting Method
Guillotine and Rotary
Paper Feeding
Automatic friction fed
Paper Feeding Capacity

50 mm (50 sheets -300 gsm)
870 x 500 x 330 mm
69 kgs
220 V, 50-60 Hz

Product Category