20ESP - 20" Electric Cutting & Electric Clamping


  • Electronic keypad LED digital display that allows indication accuracy to .01"
  • Electro-mechanical Blade and clamp drive
  • Electronic hand wheel with variable speed for manual gauge setting
  • Optical cutting line, two side guides
  • Transparent safety guards on back tables, infrared safety on front table, blade latch device, two hand operation
  • The clamp can be used independently from the blade
  • Easy blade adjustment from the outside of machine, blade and stick can be replaced easily from the outside of machines
  • Digital display for measurement readout in CM or INCHES


Clamp paper: Electric
Push paper: Electric
Max cutting width: 520mm
Max Cutting  Height: 65mm
Precision: 0.3mm
Program: NO
Side table: NO
Power: 110V/60HZ /  220V/50HZ
Shipping  Dimension (cm): 137x110x89
Gross Weight: 235kgs