20" Programmable Electric Cutter HPC – 20EP

20" Paper cutter with LED and Electric cut along with programming facility. Paper adjustment and clamping is also electric. All you need to do is to enter the measurements in the programs – save the program if it is a regular job - and cut. It is an ideal machine for digital printer and small offset printer. It has easy to use features. Safety device to protect your operator’s hands. Width of 20" ensures almost all digital paper can be cut with ease.


  • LED - Digital Display with indication accuracy up to 0.01mm
  • Safety lock for protection.
  • Memory for programme & Multiple cut under each Programme
  • Electronic hand wheel for fine gauge setting
  • Ideal digital printer and album maker.
  • Easy mechanism for replacement of blade and stick


Max Cutting Size: 520 x 520mm
Min Cutting Size: 30mm
Max Cutting Size: 65mm
Cutting Precision: <0.3mm
Press Paper Way: Automatic
Push Paper: Automatic
Cutting Length Behind Knife: 520mm
Table Length in Front of Knife: 24.5mm
Display: LED
Programme: Yes (9)
Power: AC 220V 50Hz,1300W
Size: 1090 X 800 X 1160mm
Gross Weight: 235kgs