Hitech is pleased to enhance its wide paper cutter range with the latest state of the art technology mixed with ease of use and accurate performance at affordable price.


  • Touch screen display 7” or 10”
  • Air rolling balls on front work table
  • Double hydraulic system each for clamping and cutting
  • CE standard with safety latch & operator safety sensors
  • double automatic breaker safety
  • High speed of paper push and cutting
  • Stepper motor or servo motor option.
  • Double push guide rail for better  accuracy    
  • 85 mm cutting thickness !
  • Stainless steel table with balls makes it  easy to handle pile of the paper
  • Blade height adjustment from outside
  • Pressure gauge for oil, clamp pressure gauge are in front display.
  • Stepper motor or optional servo motor for heavy duty.
  • Options for setting parameters viz. inch/mm, lanuague,time, screen brightness ..
  • Self check mode
  • Shortcut key option for repeat jobs.
  • Program setting for repeat jobs.
  • Side table option
  • Foldable back gauge  for easy transportation and space saving
  • Foot pedal or auto press option
  • Centralized control circuit for easy maintenance
  • integrated console
  • Cutting stick man be re-use 8 times


Max cutting size (mm): 560*560
Max cutting thickness (mm): 85
Min.cutting size (mm): 20
Position accuracy (mm): ±0.1
Cutting accuracy (mm): ±0.2
Ball table: √
Press way: Hydraulic+Pedal
Cutting way: Hydraulic
Display: LCD
Program: √
arithmetic: /
frequency conversion motor: /
Push motor: Step motor
Push speed: 3.5m/m
Power: 220V(110V) ±10%, 50Hz(60Hz), 2000W
Side table: optional
Machine size (mm): 1450x920x1480(side table size :700)
N.W. (Kg): About 450