Creasing Perforating Machine GPM 450SA

The semiautomatic creasing – perforating machine with programmable control and working width 450 mm.
Manual paper input, paper move provided by motor. Creasing enables high-quality fold of digitally printed paper. By turning the upper (complete) creasing bar behind the perforating one and after turning over the lower combined bar, it is possible to carry out perforation. Waste-free perforation facilitates detaching of paper.


  • Heavy duty metal construction.
  • Designed for both creasing and perforating.
  • Useful also for creasing laminated documents.
  • Up to 5 pre-set application can be stored in programme memory.
  • High-quality “anvil” perforation.
  • Automatic searching of middle of the paper.
  • Touch display.
  • Three sizes of creasing bars.
  • Large working desktop (up to A2 format).
  • 8 languages (English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Greek and Czech).


Creasing / Perforation width: 450mm
Max paper weight creasing: 400gsm
Perforation: 250gsm
Width of crease: 1.2 / 1.6mm.
No. of auto crease per sheet: 15
No. of programs: 5