The yellow laminator from Europe for Digital prints and offset prints. The FOLIANT Gemini C 400A is a range of high pressure laminating machine developed for a digital printing machines outputs lamination. The machine is equipped with a pneumatic system of laminating rollers pressure with an easy thrust control. A small compressor is integrated inside the machine frame. The machine has been designed with an operating width of 380 mm (14.9") and it represents an ideal choice for professional single side lamination in digital shops and all other printing shops, printing and processing sheets up to B3+ size (the length of laminated sheets is not limited, in practice lamination it is ~70 cm). Maximum speed is up to 15 meters/min. Options available for automatic feeder , auto sheet separator & jogger.


  • Small foot print.
  • High speed up to 15meters/minute
  • Option for high speed automatic feeding
  • Option for high speed automatic separation
  • Single phase power
  • Excellent output quality for offset and digital
  • Decurl bar
  • With film cutter as standard
  • Compressor is a standard accessory


Maximum speed: 15 m/min.
Feeding: Automatic
Feeding system: Vacuum belt
Feeder's load capacity: 25 cm
Overlaps control: In-Run Screw control
Separation: Automatic
Paper weight: 115-350 gsm
Main roller pressure: Pneumatic
Integrated compressor: Included
Min. sheets size (w x l): 30 x 25 cm
Max. sheets size (w x l): 38 x 58 cm
Module for sheets (38 x 66 cm): Optional
Max. performance: 1800 B3/ hour
Temperature control: 80-140°C
Warming up time: 5 min
Power supply: 230 V AC, 50-60Hz
Power: 3150W
Floor space (w x l): 74 x 280 cm
Weight: 265 kg
Modular stand: Included
Nylon films processing module: Optional
Reception Unit 400: Optional
Jogger 400: Optional