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High Speed Laminator 6R 370
Floor mounted high speed laminator comes with 6 roller systems. 2 Teflon coated roller, 2 heater roller and 2 cold rollers. These 6 rollers enables machine to put right pressure at right temperature to give excellent results to your prints. The speed of 5 meters per minute makes handling large volumes of prints an easy job.
Product Features
6 Roller System
  • 2 Teflon coated metal heating rollers+2 silicon heating rollers+2 cooling rollers.
  • Silicon rubber rollers maintain constant temperature while the Teflon roller has variable temperature setting. The rollers will receive no damage at all for long operation which allows longer lifetime.
Max.Laminating speed of 5,000mm/min.
Variable speed control with LCD up to 5 meters/minute.
Switch forward & reverse for operation.
Warm up time < 20minutes.

Product Specifications
Max.Laminting Width
370 mm(14.5")
 Max.Laminating Speed
 5 m / min
 Max.Laminating Thickness
 2.5 mm

 Heating System

 Heating roller internal heater
 Q'ty of Roller
 Temperature Control
 Speed Control
  Preheating Time
 12 min
 Power Supply
 240V (50/60Hz)
 Power consumption
 800 Watt
 275x345x535 mm
 41 Kg
  Operation Termperature

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