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UV Coater Machine
The UV Coater uses an innovative touch screen interface to monitor and control every action from roller position to coating selection and flow. Ideal for digital and offset prints. Various configuration offers wide range of features viz. Automatic cleaning, change of tanks, LCD, speed control etc.
These are unique machines that can also UV coat digital prints from Canon, HP, Konica Minolta, Ricoh or Xerox.
Product Features
Easy to use UV coaters in different size (13”/17/20/24/36”).
Button operation or LCD.
Single roller set or double roller set.
Option of 5 different textured rollers for variety.
Small footprint.

Product Specifications
Coating Thickness

Variable from 6 to 14 microns
Maximum Sheet Weight
Coating Technology

100% UV curable-Reverse roll
Coating Capacity

1/2gallon (Enough to coat approx 2250 sq/ft)
Coating Roller

Proprietary EDMP/ Silicon blend
Coater/Curing Unit

Integrated-one unit w/concealed conveyor path
Coating Speed

25-60 feet per min (Coating & media dependent)
Speed Max Coat Width
13/17/20/24 inch
Speed Max Coat Length

18 inch to the front bin, 30 inch to the rear
Coater Size (LxWxH)
Crated Size (LxWxH)
Draw & Breaker
15 Amps
Line Voltage

220-240vac 50/60 Hz 1 phase (machine dose not come with cord) / 440 vac3 phase
15-25 Amps
Safety Certification

Built to CE standards ISO 9001:2000
Emergency Switch off
Automatic sheet feeder
Auto Feeder Dimension

WxLxH   500x650x550 sheet pile height 250 mm

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