Daehoo- C

The Simple and robust c Cutter series is the entry model of the DAEHO’s computer programmable paper cutters.
The C series cutter are designed to the highest standard to achieve one of the safest and most reliable modern cutters.



● Most of controlling can be done on the 10″ Touch-LCD screen
● Advanced User interface provides easy view and easy to use
● Important variables are protected by password. By storing factory settings separately so that system can be restored from error which is cause by misuse of user.
● It is supported for user to control the timing that clamp comes up so that faster cutting is available.
● All basic functions which are required in cutting
● Memory capability : 1000 processes 1000 steps
● Error number display function
● Check machine in-output through 5.6″ TFT-LCD screen
● Function(mathematical) input function
● Macro auto input function
● Safety
● Backgauage moving system