HRL 14 Lamination Machine

This machine is automatic feeding of paper Wheel
Automatic separation paper collecting, with advantages of compact structure, stability,
safe and reliable Operation, u l t r a -small footprint and convenient mobility
That are ideal for printing store and package printing Houses.
The unit adopts programmable reduction box, which
Makes it a stable and energy saving Equipment. Automatically cutting off excess
film, with back-roiling device to adjust the flatness of the paper that produce a fast
finished product



Model HRL14”
Max paper size 370mm
Maxpaper length 550mm
Maximum height of paper 50mm
Operating:speed o-1omtmin
Laminating temperature 80-125’C
Total Voltage 3K\V
Voltage 220V/50Hz
Dimensions(LxWxH) 1.5X 0.63X 1.2m
Pressure 0.1″’05MPa
Feeding mode automatic
Feeding Method Friction
With slitting function with
Anti-curl function with
Rolling-up after laminating No
Automatic disconnecting after laminating Yes