Mercury 400NG ( 4X4 )

The FOLIANT Mercury 400 NG 4×4 is equipped with a rising pile back separation stream feeder and with Foliant suction feed head. It is driven by an Omron servo motor and controlled by a machine central PLC. The Becker vacuum pump is used for sheets back airing. The overlaps are electronically controlled, in an „in-run“ automatic mode, from the touch screen. The accuracy is +/- 2 mm under-lap (in a constant speed). The standard feeder is fitted with a lifting plate and its capacity is a 54 cm pile of paper.

The FOLIANT Mercury 400 NG 4×4 laminator maximum sheet size is 40 x 70 cm, extendable to 100 cm with optional XL module. The minimum sheet size is 32 x 25 cm (A4).The FOLIANT Mercury 400 NG 4×4 machine is double sided thermal industrial laminator, laminating the 115 – 600 gsm paper, with an unique „U“ cross bar for perfect lamination of thin sensitive sheets. The laminating unit is equipped with an adjustable twin decurl unit:
• With a decurl blade for offset printed sheets decurling
• With a decurl roller for digital printed sheets decurling (to prevent the scratches on sheets printed on both sides by digital print with sensitive inks).




  • Maximal Speed: single side 27 m/min.
  • Feeding System: automatic, Suction Feeder Foliant, Feeder’s Capacity 54 cm
  • Overlaps: Automatic, PLC Controlled, Overlaps Accuracy ± 2 mm
  • Separation: Automatic, bump rollers
  • Paper Weight: 115–600 g/m²
  • Main Roller Pressure System: Pneumatic
  • Compressor: External, 150 l / min, 6-8 bar
  • Minimal Sheets Size (w×l): 32×25 cm
  • Maximal Sheets Size (w×l): 40×70 cm
  • Maximal Performance: 3240 B3 / hod.
  • Temperature Control: 80–140 °C, Warming Up Time 8 min
  • Power Supply: 3 f., 400V AC, 50-60 Hz
  • Power: 7650 W
  • Mechanical Parameters: Floorspace (w×l) 105×310 cm, Weight: 590 kg
  • Pallet Stacker: integrated automatic, Capacity ~70 cm