Tacho-Perfect Binding

HTPB 330Tacho Perfect Binding Machine
Perfect binding machine from Tacho South Korea is an ideal solution for Digital book production as well as mid volume offset book binding job. It is a unique machine with scrapping device instead of milling cutter that helps bind document much stronger. Due to the unique technology it opens the book much wider than conventional perfect bound book. Book block and cover clamping is pneumatic with built in compressor. Well made aluminium body gives excellent finish to the product. The machine also offers a device for different
pressure adjustments for different thickness of books up to 70 mm. It can bind soft cover as well as hard cover with ease. You can even bind 3 sheets in to a perfect bound book. You can even do only pad book making by de activating the milling operation.


Product Features
● European CE Compliant.
● Fully automated to do high speed and high volume binding jobs.
● Scraping device is a unique method to create well bound books.
● One-touch button software enables the scraping, gluing and cover clamping
● All Process completes in 10 seconds