Wiro Binding Machine-HWPB-18

HWPB 18 – Hitech’s latest Wiro Punching and Binding Machine

HWPB-18 is a heavy duty electric wiro punching and binding machine. The state of art design and robust
engineering provides a rugged machine that can deliver large volumes of wiro/spiral products.
HWPB-18 has an advanced motor reducer and special-made mechanical clutch ensures motor can run
continuously. Punching is controlled by foot pedal which is easy and safe for operation.
Interchangeable die is easy and fast. Different die options are available for various jobs. Wiro Closing is an
integral part of the machine.





Product Features
● Interchangeable dies. Easy and fast to change.
● Wiro punching and wiro closing are integral part of the machine, saves space.
● Foot pedal operation for operator safety and fast production.
● All available Wiro sizes of 3:1 and 2:1 can be punched and closed.